All hand painted t-shirts are 100% cotton. The buyer may request for materials other than cotton, but the paint used will also be different. Paint selected is based on the type of substrate. The t-shirts in this page are all custom made for the buyer.

The shirts went through meticulous process to enable a permanent painting to be laid on top of the fabric. All t-shirts are pre-washed to remove any wax and lint that come with the fabric. Once the pre-wash is complete it is subjected to dying process to remove moisture. Heat press is applied to flatten to fabric and mount them on the board. Then the artist will paint on the shirts with motives requested by the buyer. Thin layers of high-quality fabric dye are used for painting and heat press is applied between layers to permanently set the dye to the fabric. Each t-shirt will take between 3 to 7 days to complete and it depends on quantity, painting times, drying times, and packaging for shipment.

Painted T-Shirt
Custom Neck Label

Next is to put the custom neck label on the shirts. Every piece of the shirt come with a label with the name of the buyer printed on it. This makes the t-shirt unique and distinct to the art that comes from Ocean Quest – Ocean Art Studio. This is a personalized service included with the t-shirts.

The Ocean Quest – Ocean Art Studio only carry black and dark colored t-shirts. This reflects our concepts and presentations. However, you can request your t-shirt to be white or other colors. Orders other than black will take longer as we do not keep stock of light-colored t-shirts.

Ocean Quest supporters can also request for insertion of the Ocean Quest logo on the sleeve, chest or back of the t-shirts. Additional charges will apply to each insertion and it depend on the size of the logo.

Logo Insertion