Bring Coral rehabilitation knowledge to the people

The Ocean Quest coral education program has been expanded to include more knowledge and experience-based training. The inclusion of an introduction to coral conservation is added to the beginning of the training to help people understand the needs and processes pertaining to coral reef environment and its rehabilitation. Also added to the list of training is the coral nursery development course which is designed to focus on nursery building and management. Although the coral propagation workshop and the coral propagation course is same as before, there are several areas that has been updated and refined. The coral reef rehabilitation specialty course is added to open a learning path towards a general approach of reef rehabilitation which encompasses all the subjects combined in a compact training package. Finally, the trainer courses are also expanded in to two courses – the Coral Propagation Trainer and the Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty Trainer. Therefore, the 2021 list of courses that will be offered have seven inter-related training programs.

List of Courses

1. Introduction to Coral Conservation Course – This is an entry level course for those wishing to start in coral conservation. Topic discussed in this course includes the processes and different disciplines of coral conservation. By enrolling in this introductory course, the students will develop a clearer understanding of what is involved in coral conservation. This course is crucial for those wishing to find the areas of coral conservation that suits them. By seeing the big picture of what coral conservation pertains, it avoids misinterpretations and develop a clearer path for the student to follow.

2. Coral Propagation Course – The Ocean Quest – Coral propagation Course in a comprehensive training program aimed at students that wish to be part of a long-term coral propagation project. It is an intermediate training course that includes techniques and ethical practices in coral propagation. Topics discussed in the course includes fundamental knowledge of corals, equipment, proper coral extraction and handling, substrates, and the coral propagation techniques.

3. Coral Nursery Development Course – Coral nursery development is an integrated process that must be mastered in a coral reef rehabilitation project. Propagated corals must be placed in a manageable platform for them to be monitored until transplantation is possible. The processes involved in coral nursery development includes environmental assessments, nursery building, propagating, quarantine, monitoring, and maintaining. This course consists of 8 chapters specifically developed for coral nursery development training.

4. Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty Course – This Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty course is designed for those wishing to gain knowledge and experience in the broad spectrum of reef rehabilitation. The course combines coral propagation, nursery development, transplantation, threats and countermeasures, and management. Upon completion of this course the student can carry out reef rehabilitation with support of Ocean Quest. This is a comprehensive course requiring many hours of class work and in water sessions.

5. Coral Propagation Trainer Course – This Ocean Quest – Coral Propagation Trainer course is designed for diving professionals to gain knowledge and experience in coral propagation and then convey it to students. The goal of the trainers is to introduce simple and effective steps in coral propagation. By opening this path of education, Ocean Quest can reach broader audience and encourage participants from all level of the society.

6. Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty Trainer Course – This Ocean Quest – Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty Trainer course is designed to fulfil the teaching requirements for the Coral Reef Rehabilitation Specialty course. Therefore, this course is an extension of the Coral Propagation Trainer course. Upon completion of this course the trainer can extend their teaching qualification and are able to teach the nursery development course and the coral reef rehabilitation specialty course. Additionally, this extension will also enable the trainer to include area specific trainings approved by Ocean Quest.

7. Instructor Trainer Development Training – The Ocean Quest – Instructor Trainer rating is based on completion of development training through mentoring and coaching. The Instructor Trainer candidate is required to work with a mentor Instructor Trainer until they are comfortable and able to teach the coral propagation and the coral reef rehabilitation trainer course. There is no time limit for this development training and the candidate can schedule their training that suits them. It is an experience-based development, and the candidates are required to earn this qualification through performance. Certification will be awarded through appraisals viewed an evaluated by the training directors.

8. Training Director – The Ocean Quest – Training Director rating is acquired through recognition of the performance of the Instructor Trainer and their contributions to coral reef rehabilitation. Training directors are country or regionally specific. Training directors process feedbacks and present them for future developments and improvements. Therefore, the Training Directors development includes plans and strategies of the Ocean Quest education programs.

Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course

The Ocean Quest Education Platform

As the organization grows, it is a necessity for the Ocean Quest education platform to be separated from other engagements such as research, advocacy, and corporate relations. By allowing the education platform to stand on its own, Ocean Quest can open for further development and accepts creativity within its trainer community. Problem solving and technical support can be rendered within the trainer community from those who have the resources and experience to the trainers in need. By having readily available assistance within the community it is possible for coral conservation to grow globally. Newer and more effective approach can also be introduced to overcome limitations. The Ocean Quest trainers is our priority. Their engagement with the public is the bridge that allows us to reach the goals of a global campaign. The education platform will concentrate in maximizing expansion and eliminating obstacles. The new education structure enables Ocean Quest to define their training and develop possibility for good coral education.