Ocean Quest

In the frontline of coral reef conservation

Founded in Malaysia in August 2010, Ocean Quest is the only Malaysian-based marine conservation organization that is functional internationally. Since it’s founding, Ocean Quest rapidly expanded from SE Asia to becoming global in 2017. Through thorough research Ocean Quest created its own techniques, methodology and material for coral reef rehabilitation. The Ocean Quest techniques are taught through a simplified education system that allows the public to take part in coral reef rehabilitation. Advocacy and awareness are also integrated in the education system. The most visible role of Ocean Quest in coral conservation is its ability to take direct action without delay. One important factor to achieve its goals is to engage the local community on any site coral reef rehabilitation is active. Registered as a social enterprise the outcome of the efforts of Ocean Quest are shown in how much it is able to give back to the community and the environment.

Take action

Our mission is to get people interested in planting corals

Through the coral propagation methodology, Ocean Quest’s mission is to bring coastal communities a cost effective and also easy-to-understand way to rehabilitate coral reefs, wherever they are declining, due to natural or anthropogenic threats.

Our method

All natural, non invasive, cost effective

There are several methods of coral propagation around the world, many of which use questionable methodology including metal grids, PVC piping, leather and even electrolysis. What drew organizations like Sea Shepherd or Reef Guardian to Ocean Quest was its almost all-natural method. The founder of Ocean Quest is Anuar Abdullah, has spent most of his life on the coral reefs of Malaysia, observing their behavior and life cycles, and conducting his own research.

Defend conserve protect

Our partners

Ocean Quest has developed partnerships with different conservation, governmental, and civil organizations to take direct action in coral reef conservation.


Code of ethics

Ocean Quest trainers and representatives agree to abide by a Code of Ethics. It includes a commitment to the environment, the student, the public, their profession, professional employment, and to the organization.

Ocean Man

Devotion to the Sea

Conservationist, Oceanographer, Divemaster, Artist, Ocean advocate and activist. Meet Anuar Abdullah, the founder of Ocean Quest.